Father of Boy Killed by Illegals Shreds Governor Jerry Brown For Reprehensible Actions

jerry brown illegal pardon

Jamiel Shaw, whose son was shot and killed by an illegal immigrant who had been released from county jail despite an ICE order to hold him following several gun charges, took California governor Jerry Brown to task for pardoning five convicted felons who were facing deportation in his state.

Those pardoned include men who were convicted of a wide range of felonies, including auto theft, gun charges, kidnapping, and robbery.

The move was a clear slap in the face to President Trump, and places Americans – particularly those in California – in danger at the expense of a political statement.

The President was outraged and took to social media to ask the American people their thoughts on Brown’s move, even invoking the governor’s famous nickname …

Shaw, whose son was shot in the head for the crime of wearing a Spider-Man backpack that matched a different gangs colors and for not responding to taunts by rival gang members quickly enough, gave his own answer.

Shaw said Brown is more interested in “getting back at [President] Trump” for criticizing California’s sanctuary state policies than he in protecting his own citizens.

“He loves illegal aliens,” Shaw said of Governor Brown, adding that people like State Attorney General Xavier Becerra (D) and Senator Kamala Harris (D) are willing to “put Americans in danger just for some votes.”

While California is pardoning criminal illegal aliens, Becerra has been threatening officials and law-abiding employers in the state with arrest, for the simple act of aiding immigration officials in adhering to federal laws.

Everything in the Golden State is backwards. Criminals are pardoned while law-abiding Americans are threatened with arrest.

“They’re all in the tank for illegals,” Shaw concluded.

Most Democrats are beholden to the almighty vote instead of their own constituents.

If any of these five pardoned illegal immigrant felons commit another crime after Brown’s actions, ‘Moonbeam’ should immediately be arrested as an accessory to the crime.

Do you agree with Shaw that Governor Brown and California Democrats ‘love illegal aliens?’ Share your thoughts below!

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