California Attorney General Continues His Illegal Defense Of State’s ‘Sanctuary’ Policy

Xavier Becerra

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department has been taking the fight to pro-sanctuary lawmakers in California, recently announcing they will make public the release date for all inmates in custody, an aid to ICE officials trying to track illegal immigrants.

“My department … remains committed to cooperating fully with federal authorities in all areas where I have discretion to remove serious criminals from our community,” Sheriff Sandra Hutchens said in announcing the department’s new policy.

Additionally, county lawmakers have joined the Trump administration in a lawsuit against California and their ‘sanctuary state’ laws designed to shield illegals at the expense of Americans.

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra has responded by suggesting he could have Orange County officials arrested, particularly the sheriff, for aiding ICE in adhering to federal immigration laws.

“State law is state law. It’s my job to enforce state law and I will do so,” Becerra said at a press conference. “We want to make sure that every jurisdiction, including Orange County, understands what state law requires of the people and the subdivisions of the state of California.”

A reporter followed up, “Does that mean a lawsuit of the sheriff’s department or the arrest of the sheriff?”

“I think I just answered that,” he said.

Think about how supremely absurd that is.

Becerra is threatening a sheriff for following federal immigration law which, pun intended, trumps any sanctuary law put in place by Golden State liberals.

This isn’t the first time Becerra has threatened law-abiding Americans for the ‘crime’ of being law-abiding.

In January, he announced that his office will prosecute employers – legal, hard-working Americans – should they assist federal authorities in cracking down on illegal immigration.

Becerra announced that employers, should “they voluntarily start giving up information about their employees or access to their employees in ways that contradict our new California laws, they subject themselves to actions by my office.”

“We will prosecute those who violate the law,” he added, unaware of the irony that he is protecting those who violate the law.

Becerra is a disgrace to his profession, an accessory to a crime in the state of California, and is the one who should be concerned about lawsuits and/or jail time.

Any chance we can get that border wall built around California now?

Are pro-sanctuary state liberals in California anti-American? Share your thoughts below!

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