Jen Psaki Blames Greedy ‘Big Meat Conglomerates’ For Soaring Food Prices

Jen Psaki was ridiculed and began trending the unfortunate phrase 'Big Meat' on Twitter after comments in which she blamed greedy "meat conglomerates" for inflation and the rising cost of food items in America.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was ridiculed and began trending the unfortunate phrase ‘Big Meat’ on Twitter after comments in which she blamed greedy “meat conglomerates” for inflation and the rising cost of food items in America.

During a press conference Tuesday, Psaki was asked if it is the Biden administration’s stance that “corporate greed is a big driver of inflation right now.”

Psaki empathized with the American people but blamed food suppliers for “jacking up prices.”

“I think that the President thinks the way people across the country, American families, digest inflation is by price increases. And if you look at industry to industry, it’s a little different,” Psaki said.

“So, for example, the President, the Secretary of Agriculture have both spoken to what we’ve seen as the greed of meat conglomerates,” she added.

And thus, a trend was born.

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Jen Psaki Blames Big Meat Conglomerates

The Political Insider reported earlier this week that the Producer Price Index (PPI), which gauges the average fluctuation in selling prices received by domestic producers over time, rose by 9.6% in November from a year ago.

It is the fastest rate ever measured since the data was first collected in November of 2010 and the eighth consecutive month of producer price increases.

Another report showed consumer inflation rose 6.8% in November – a 39-year high as consumer prices soar ever higher.

With inflation and food prices skyrocketing just in the last year – the year President Biden has been in office – one has to wonder if the Big Meat conglomerates have only recently become greedy.

Wouldn’t Big Meat have been pounding the market with their jacked-up prices before as well? And if that hasn’t changed, it certainly doesn’t explain away Biden’s economic crises.

Even PETA jumped aboard the trend.

Senator Tom Cotton took a jab at Jen Psaki for blaming greedy Big Meat companies for inflation.

“They’re blaming everyone for this record inflation when it just goes back to Democratic policies,” he told Fox News personality Laura Ingraham.

“We didn’t have record inflation in 2020, we only had it in 2021 when the Democrats are in charge, spending trillions of dollars to make sure that there’s more money chasing fewer goods because of all the lockdowns and the capacity restrictions you still have in Democratic-governed states,” he added.

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Not The First Time

This isn’t the first time the Biden administration has tried blaming Big Meat corporations for the rising cost of food across the nation.

In fact, just this past September they tried convincing the American people that what they were seeing at the grocery store wasn’t inflation. It was actually Big Meat massaging their prices.

“The White House isn’t blaming broader, economy-wide inflation for this one,” Business Insider reported at the time. “Instead, it’s saying meat industry players are collaborating to raise prices for shoppers – and not passing along the extra profits to farmers.”

A trade group that represents the nation’s meat processors, including JBS USA, Cargill, and Tyson Foods, fired back at the accusations.

The North American Meat Institute (NAMI) said skyrocketing prices were a result of a nationwide labor shortage.

“Americans are experiencing firsthand what the Secretary refuses to acknowledge, the effects of COVID and lack of labor are hurting consumers,” said NAMI’s Anna Potts.

“Nothing proposed by the Secretary of Agriculture on the structure of the meat and poultry industry will help families struggling to pay for groceries.”

Cotton agrees that scapegoating the entire industry is a trend with the administration in addressing their economic problems.

“First it was oil and gas companies, next it’s meat conglomerates,” Cotton joked. “Maybe next week it’s going to be Elf on the Shelf when there aren’t enough Christmas presents under the tree.”


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