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Jeb Bush Reveals When Dad Will Be Out Of The Hospital

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush revealed in a speech at Brown University that his father, former president George H.W. Bush, is doing well and he expects him to be out of the hospital by Friday.

Speaking to students on Wednesday, Jeb called his dad “stronger than an ox” before revealing that he’s out of intensive care and will be leaving Houston Methodist Hospital on Friday.

“So for those that believe in faith, I hope you’ll pray for my dad,” Jeb added. “I am not objective about this, I am totally biased about it, but I believe he’s the greatest man alive, and I want him to stay alive for a little bit longer.”

Bush, 93, was hospitalized one day after the funeral of his wife of 73 years, Barbara Bush. Jeb also spoke glowingly of his mother at her funeral, sharing some of the last words she said to him: “Jeb, I believe in Jesus and He is my savior. I don’t want to leave your dad, but I know I’ll be in a beautiful place.”

Jeb and the rest of his siblings clearly love their parents dearly, and that love is a testament to the kind of people Barbara was and Bush is. Here’s hoping H.W. a speedy recovery so he can return home to those who love him.

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