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‘Jealous’ Scarborough RIPS Graham — ‘He’s Sold His Political Soul For, You Know’

One of the most significant transformations I’ve seen in politics is how Sen. Lindsey Graham grew his wings with conservatives and has flown like an eagle ever since the passing of John McCain. Graham has sided with, protected, and defended President Trump more than any other Republican on The Hill, and many Trump supporters have enjoyed it.

He’s gone from being the most vocal critic of then-candidate Donald Trump to the president’s most loyal supporter, and it’s killing Democrats and Republicans alike who feel change is not right no matter what.

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, one of the most jealous and jaded network voices decided to give his opinion about this transformation by claiming Graham’s friend, McCain, of many years, never wavered in his criticism of Trump up until he passed away last August as a result of brain cancer.

Scarborough claimed Graham had lost his political soul for approval ratings within his state, “but now has one of the better approval ratings with the rank and file in the Republican Party in the state of South Carolina,” as a result of his support of Trump.

“He basically sold his soul, political soul, sold his political soul for, you know, 20 percentage points inside his own Republican Party. Unlike John McCain, Lindsey Graham didn’t have the confidence and the assurance in his voters that he could speak truth to power and still get reelected in his state,” said Scarborough.

John Heilemann, a Morning Joe regular said he also noticed this transformation and asked “what the hell happened” to the South Carolina senior senator.

Joe conveniently forgets that he and Mika swooned over Trump and actively supported him until that fateful New Year’s Eve party in Mar a Lago where Trump told them both to get out!

Scarborough is so pathetic that he has let his personal feelings about one man define everything about what he believes in life, whom he likes, whom he dislikes, and what he says on a daily basis. His disdain for Trump has consumed him and he is open about it. It reminds you of a Greek tragedy.

Same could be said for a lot of people, actually.