Jason Whitlock Defies Left – ‘I Compare Black Lives Matter To The KKK’


The conservative journalist Jason Whitlock went on Fox News on Wednesday night to tell Tucker Carlson why he compares Black Lives Matter to the Ku Klux Klan. He also said that he he sees Black Lives Matter and Antifa as the “enforcement arm of the Democratic Party.”

Whitlock Compares BLM To The KKK

Carlson kicked things off by saying that Democrats seem to have abandoned the peaceful strategies used by Martin Luther King Jr. to combat racism, and are instead now enforcing what they deem to be the right way of thinking through power and intimidation.  That’s when Whitlock chimed in to reveal what he really thinks about Black Lives Matter.

“Well, I compare Black Lives Matter to the KKK. I really do,” Whitlock said. “And some people don’t understand it, but if you go back to the 1860s, after the Emancipation Proclamation, the KKK was started, and it was the enforcement arm of the Democratic Party. And what’s the enforcement arm of the Democratic Party right now? Black Lives Matter and Antifa. They will come to your home and violate your home, try to intimidate the people in your home if they disagree with you politically.”

“Black Lives Matter [is] a Marxist organization. Marxism is hostile toward religion; that’s why I’m glad you went there today,” he added. “These are atheist values being expressed from our leaders, demonizing individual citizens here in America, branding them as white supremacists … because we disagree with their opinion about something.”

Not stopping there, Whitlock went on to say that “this is lunacy, and it’s dangerous.”

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Whitlock Attacks Democrats 

At another point in the interview, Whitlock lamented that black people are “being fooled” into believing that the radically leftwing Democratic movement to blot out white supremacy and racism by force actually has their best interests at heart. He then warned his fellow black Americans that Democrats will be coming for them also.

“It’s happened to me, I’m black!” he said, “But because I express conservative values — conservative, non-political values — I’m seen as a friend to white supremacists.”

Whitlock concluded his rant by saying that liberals see anyone who disagrees with them as “white supremacists.”

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This piece was written by James Samson on January 21, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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