James Woods: Anyone Who Wants To Defund The Police Should Just ‘Opt Out’ Of Protection!

James Woods Defund Police

Conservative actor James Woods has responded to the movement to defund the police by saying advocates should just “opt out” of police protection instead!

A Growing Movement

The movement to defund the police has grown in recent days, as the riots sparked off by the killing of George Floyd, have rocked the country. Leftist politicians and celebrities who support the violent, riotous Black Lives Matter and antifa movements, are claiming that as the police is an oppressive, racist force, they must be defunded, or, in extreme cases, removed.

The hashtag #DefundThePolice has trended among Hollywood liberals online, while Democrat politicians are working to screw the ordinary men and women who serve and protect. In one example, Eric Garcetti, the Mayor of Los Angeles, announced they would cut around $150 million from the city’s police budget.

“Those dollars need to be focused on our black community here in Los Angeles, as well as communities of color, and women, and people who have been left behind, for too long,” Garcetti said.

“We all have to step up and say: What can we sacrifice,” as racial justice, Garcetti argued, is “worth sacrficing for.”

Woods Shoots Back!

However, the brilliantly ascerbic Woods fired back online at Brian Fallon, a former spokesman for Hillary Clinton and Eric Holder, and one of the backers of the movement. When Fallon joined the movement, Woods asked why the “folks who want to ‘defund the police’ simply ‘opt out’ from police protection?”

“You could all send notarized letters to your local departments that you no longer wish to participate,” Woods continued.

“Police costs would be less. Taxpayers would save money,” he added, concluding that this system would be a “win/win for everbody!”

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I think James Woods perfectly sums up the hypocrisy of those people pushing the movement to defund the police right now. These exact people would call the police the first time they’re in trouble, and are also the types of people to claim that “nobody needs a gun, because the police will protect you!” I wait with baited breath to see liberals and leftists make a very quick turn around and fight for your 2nd Amendment rights.

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