James Comey really ain’t taking his firing all too well.

He’s since inked a multi-million dollar book deal, and the book “A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership” hits stores on April 17th.

The book’s description on Amazon.com makes the book sound more auto-biographical than political, but obviously, it’s his tenure under Trump that’s the main (or only) selling point for the book.

Comey has been out on a media tour pre-release, and it’s clear that his focus is mainly on Trump.

According to the Daily Wire:

On Wednesday, ABC News released a promotional video for former FBI Director James Comey’s first major interview about his book. In the short clip, Comey, speaking to ABC News anchor and former Clinton confidante George Stephanopoulos, compares President Donald Trump to a “mob boss.”

“How strange is it for you to sit here and compare the president to a mob boss?” Stephanopoulos asks Comey in the short video, which also shows Comey answering Stephanopoulos’s “tough questions.”

Watch below:

The interview airs Sunday, and it’ll just be the first of many. Comey is booked wall-to-wall next week among the major media networks to promote the book.

Ironically, it’ll be mostly liberals purchasing the book, hoping to glean all the juicy new anti-Trump tidbits they can. Remember when those same liberals were calling for Comey’s firing because of his FBI’s faux-investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server? Or trying to blame him for re-opening the investigation?

It’s hilarious how quick their tune has changed. Republicans knew the entire time that the game was rigged and that Hillary was never going to be charged. Comey’s forthcoming relationship with the incoming administration proves that he didn’t have some kind of vendetta out against Hillary. If there was anyone Comey opposed, it was Donald Trump.

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Source: Axios

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