IG Report on James Comey ‘Worse Than Expected’

James Comey IG report
FBI Director James B. Comey testifies in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington. (Photo by Brooks Kraft LLC/Corbis via Getty Images)

Yesterday, CNN’s law enforcement analyst and retired FBI supervisory special agent James A. Gagliano reported that the forthcoming Justice Department’s Inspector General report on James Comey and his handling of the Hillary Clinton email probe (among other things) will be more damning than expected.

Last month it was Lanny Davis, a longtime Clinton family ally, who revealed he was interviewed by the Justice Department inspector’s investigation and predicted that it would come down “very hard” on Comey.

Now, Gagliano is saying that “Sources with knowledge of the impending DOJ Inspector General Report confirm that it will be a fairly damning indictment of FBI’s seventh floor during the Comey era. ‘It’s worse than expected,’ seems to be the consistent theme …”


According to Larry O’Connor “the ‘7th floor’ at the FBI refers to the most senior agents at the bureau including (at the time) FBI Director James Comey and Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.” The Inspector General released a report about McCabe last month, which justified his firing. The report documented numerous cases that McCabe lied to his own bureau, particularly about leaks to the media. That’s especially ironic, given that the FBI claims they fired dossier author Christopher Steele for committing the “cardinal sin” of leaking to the media.

The report claims that McCabe’s lies got to the point where Comey wouldn’t even let him into meetings. That too is ironic, given that Comey too was doing the same thing, leaking memos to the media through his friend, which contained classified information.

Despite that, Comey says “given that the IG’s report reflects interactions that Andy McCabe had with me and other senior executives, I could well be a witness [against McCabe].”

It sounds a lot to me like Comey is trying to cover his own butt. What do you think? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below! 

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