On Sunday morning, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper once again said before he left his position, he had seen no evidence of Russian collusion with the Trump team.

Ok, let’s sort this out. Clapper said no Russian involvement – but tried to make clear that there could have been evidence, but that he hadn’t seen it. Clapper goes on to say that, as the Director of National Intelligence – a position tasked with, well, directing national intelligence – he told FBI Director Comey that it was up to the latter’s discretion to tell him or not tell him about counterintelligence.

Does this make any sense to you? What is the point of having a Director of National Intelligence if all the agencies can just do whatever they want?

And all the Hillary Clinton supporters want to keep going on about it like they have nothing else to talk about or investigate. Every day, this looks like total denial or mental issues for these liberals.

These hearings the Democrats keep calling for are just a big excuse for fanatically anti-Trump Democrats to express their opinions which are obviously biased and not based in truth! A giant criminal waste of taxpayer dollars!

Clapper is one person not to be trusted, as most of us have seen him lie in front of Congress on a couple of occasions. Call me green, but I think Clapper is separating himself from whatever a higher power is trying to do to President Trump by flatly denying he has seen any Russian evidence of collusion:

At the time I left office I had no evidence available to me that there was collusion. But that’s not necessarily exculpatory since I did not know the state of the investigation or the content.

I think Clapper is trying to cover his bottom by saying he hasn’t seen any evidence. That way, he can be right no matter what happens. He can’t be accused of lying. But you never know with these swamp criminals. Keep in mind, he was part of an administration that plainly lied as a matter of course.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton both said no one could influence or “hack” the presidential election right before Hillary lost. Russia did not force anyone to vote for Trump nor did Russia change any votes for Hillary to Trump.

So stop wasting taxpayer money and investigate Obama and others for acts of treason when they gave Iran money and protected Muslim terrorist that murdered Americans in Libya.

What did you think of Clapper’s interview? Do you think this Russia investigation crap needs to end now? Share your opinion below in the comment section.