Ivanka Trump Slams AOC’s Economic Platform: Most Americans Don’t Want Handouts

Ivanka Trump took a shot at Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s ‘Green New Deal,’ referencing the portion describing guaranteed work and noting most Americans don’t care for handouts.

An FAQ section of the pipe dream agenda notes that there are fifteen requirements to achieving ‘social and economic justice.’

One of those requirements includes guaranteeing “a job with a family-sustaining wage, family and medical leave, vacations, and retirement security.”

It also mentions providing “economic security for all who are unable or unwilling to work.”

Ivanka Slams Handouts

The President’s daughter went head-to-head with the notion of simply giving people jobs instead of earning them; that Americans do not seek a “guaranteed minimum” for their lives.

“I don’t think most Americans, in their heart, want to be given something,” Ivanka told Fox News. “I’ve spent a lot of time traveling around this country over the last 4 years. People want to work for what they get.”

Working for what you want to achieve? A foreign concept to this new generation of socialist.

Ivanka Notes the Jobs Situation Is Pretty Good Right Now

It’s odd that Ocasio-Cortez’ radical environmental plan would spill over to guaranteed jobs and wages for people who might not want to work. It’s not exactly as if the employment numbers are suffering right now.

Yet the socialist darling of the Democrat party wants an opportunity to promise free handouts to people, even if the supply and demand isn’t a problem right now.

“I think fundamentally if you ask yourself the question, ‘are we better today than we were yesterday or we were 2 years ago?’ The answer is, undoubtedly, yes,” Trump said.

“So, as an American, families sitting down and thinking about their financial situation relative to a month ago or a year ago, America is doing very well and it stands in quite sharp contrast to the rest of the world,” Trump added, noting that her father’s policies are “continuing to allow this economy to thrive.”

Nearly every Democrat contender in 2020 has expressed support for the Green New Deal and the subsequent jobs guarantee, including Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and Senator Cory Booker.

Howard Schultz, Starbucks CEO, potential Independent candidate, and a man who has actually created jobs during his lifetime, has slammed Ocasio-Cortez’s proposals as borderline un-American.

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