Earlier this week, Ivana Trump joined Piers Morgan on the show “Good Morning Britain” and was asked about whether or not she thought her ex-husband, President Trump, is a racist.

With the backdrop of the President describing some countries that people are actively fleeing as “s***holes,” Morgan felt the need to address the media’s obsession with defining Trump as a racist with his ex-wife.

Ivana was married to Trump for 15 years, between 1977 and 1992, and the couple had three children together. So any signs that the man may hold a racist bone in his body would surely have surfaced.

Ivana’s response shut down the ‘racist’ argument in just seven short words.

“I don’t think Donald’s racist at all,” she said.

She went on to explain that sometimes the President is being facetious, sometimes he just jokes about things, and sometimes he just says things for effect.

“You know sometimes he says the things, you know, which are silly, or he doesn’t really mean them or something like that, but he’s definitely — they’re not racist I’m sure of that,” she explained.

Morgan, who is a friend of Trump’s in his own right, said he had never known him to be racist but his recent comments did border on being disturbing.

“I’ve known him a long time and in all the time I knew him, I never heard anything from him that I could ever construe as being racist,” Morgan said. “Some of his comments in recent weeks, particularly the weekend they did borderline racist, Ivana, whichever way you look at it they are inflammatory and they’re unpleasant.”

Inflammatory and unpleasant does not equate to racism.

Look, there’s a reason people are fleeing their countries, escaping violence, drug cartels, oppressive regimes, what have you. They’re fleeing because they view their own country as a complete and utter mess. They may wax nostalgic once arriving in the United States, but there’s certainly a reason they fled.

Perhaps Trump’s delivery was a bit off, but it’s mostly accurate and it’s certainly not racist.

“There’s so many people telling him left and right what to say and what to not to say and things like that,” Ivana opined, “and sometimes maybe get confusing.”

If President Trump could get it back, perhaps he’d change the exact wording to describe these countries. Maybe he got confused. Maybe he did it for effect.

He definitely didn’t say it because he’s a racist.

Do you agree with Ivana Trump? Is Trump not racist at all? Share your thoughts below!

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