It’s A Stunt: Omar Posts Letter To Judge Asking Him To Go Easy On Man Who Threatened Her Life

Rep. Ilhan Omar decided that her actions needed to be seen publicly, so she released a private letter she wrote to a judge seeking compassion for a man who allegedly threatened to kill her.

Many see this as Omar taking care of her self interest. She faces pending criminal charges herself for marrying her own brother to get him into the US. She is attempting to mitigate her own punishment after she is convicted. The court should not take her request into consideration at all.

Omar wrote, “We must teach the defendant love. For this reason, I do not believe the defendant would be served by a severe prison sentence or substantial financial fine and ask you to show compassion in your sentencing.”

It’s too late to put your mask back on, dear. We’ve already seen you.

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It should have just been between the judge and her. But once she made it public, it looks like a totally politically motivated action aimed solely at scoring points for herself.

This is entirely inappropriate. An elected official of the United States Congress attempting to manipulate a legal process. This needs to be investigated, we may even need a special prosecutor to check it out.

Rep. Ilhan Omar asked that a federal judge show “compassion” when sentencing the man who threatened to kill her.

Patrick W. Carlineo Jr., 55, pleaded guilty Monday for threatening to assault and murder a United States official, and for being in possession of firearms, a Department of Justice statement says.

Omar wrote to Chief U.S. District Judge Frank P. Geraci that she acknowledges the crimes Carlineo pleaded guilty to are “grave” and were a “threat against an entire religion, at a time of rising hate crimes against religious minorities in our country.”

But she questions, “who are we as a nation if we respond to the threats of political retribution with retribution ourselves?” and argues that a severe sentence would not “rehabilitate him.”

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“A punitive approach to criminal justice will not stop criminals like Mr. Carlineo from committing a crime again or prevent others from committing similar acts,” Omar penned. “Only restorative justice can do that. He should understand the consequences of his actions, be given the opportunity to make amends and seek redemption.” [USA Today]

It is obvious she is doing this to not show a double standard when it comes to her past for requesting leniency for the people from her district who tried to join ISIS.

If our justice system wore that famous blindfold that represents the lack of prejudice and corruption, this publicity stunt wouldn’t occur and the man would not have been charged any more than Kathy Griffin and others. Justice is increasingly becoming selective in this nation.

Omar is a radical Muslim, representing the congressional district with the highest number of residents who attempted to join ISIS. However, threatening to kill someone is the same behavior that radical Muslims engage in; it is unacceptable.

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All Americans have the right to free speech. The suspect had every right to criticize her, but not the right to threaten her. Unfortunately, freedom of speech is being threatened by liberal progressives and their radical Muslim allies, with incendiary and false accusations of “hate speech,” “racism,” “white supremacy,” “white nationalism,” “xenophobia,” and “Islamophobia.” When people see their constitutional rights being threatened, it is understandable, although not acceptable, that they could become radicalized and threaten violence, as this suspect did.

The answer is to reaffirm and defend the Bill of Rights that protects all Americans regardless of demographics. Freedom of religion and the free exercise thereof, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of public assembly must be guaranteed and not demonized as “hateful” or “extremist” simply because others disagree with a particular political viewpoint. If people know that their fundamental civil liberties are being upheld, they will be less likely to consider resorting to violence.

Ironically, Rep. Omar does not recognize the right of other Americans to criticize her, radical Islam, and the anti-Semitic sentiment that is mainstream in the American Islamic community. She views any such criticisms as “racist, hateful, white supremacist, white nationalist, xenophobic, bigoted, and intolerant.” She contributes to the political tension in America that can breed extremism by threatening the civil rights of Americans who disagree with her.

How come only people who threaten Democrats get arrested and charged?

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