Italian Television Show Brutally Mocks An Incompetent President Biden: ‘You’re Not Alright’

Italian television takes on President Biden's mental acuity in a hilarious parody. Watch the skit that captures Biden's stumbling moments.
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Italian television shows are boldly going where their American counterparts at “Saturday Night Live!” won’t dare – mocking President Joe Biden for his extensive mental acuity issues.

An Italian comedy show featured a skit in which Biden is portrayed marvelously by comedian Maurizio Crozza, whose version of the current president wanders and stumbles around the podium while misidentifying people.

You know, like he does in real life.

The faux Biden struggles with the nuclear football prompting a voice to state, “That’s the briefcase with the atomic codes. You’re not alright. This is a big deal.”

“Now I’ll call the nurse,” Biden says prior to pushing the red, candy-like button, and launching nuclear weapons.

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Italian TV Mocks Biden With Brutal Parody

In another clip showing Crozza’s parody of Biden, the “President” falls twice and has to be picked up by Secret Service members.

He later tries to shake hands with the podium and introduces himself as “Joe Kennedy.”

“Saturday Night Live!” alum Rob Schneider enjoyed the Biden parody and even took a jab at his former late-night comedy show, which has lost its sense of humor in recent years.

“Italy’s late-night comedy is way better,” wrote Schneider.

Remember when SNL portrayed Gerald Ford as a bumbling idiot with the help of legendary comedic actor Chevy Chase? If they had any kind of spine, Biden skits would be easy to pull off and a weekly highlight.

And yet, nothing.

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Saudi Arabia Too

Well, almost nothing. Even though you can’t find a good Biden parody on SNL, you can turn to Italian television. Oh, and Saudi Arabia too.

A state-run television station in Saudi Arabia mercilessly mocked President Biden in a comedy skit along with another character playing Vice President Kamala Harris.

Much of their very brief skit shows an actor dressed as Harris guiding Biden around the stage and correcting him every time he misspeaks.

It begins with the character playing Biden pointing to reporters and then meandering off stage as Harris quickly shuffles behind to steer him back to the podium.

“Thank you very much. Today, we gotta talk about the crisis [in] Spain,” the Biden character says before the fake veep whispers in his ear.

“Yeah, we gotta talk about the crisis in Africa,” he says before being corrected again.

He tries once more: “Yeah, Russia.”

Perhaps the best parody of Biden belongs to former President Donald Trump, who entertained an audience at CPAC over the weekend with an impression of his own.

Maybe one day “Saturday Night Live!” will actually try to be funny again and we’ll see some good impressions of President Biden.

But they’d better do it before January 20th, 2025.

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