It Wouldn’t Be Hard For The Obamas To Win Eight More Years In The White House

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, the 2020 presidential election rolls on. President Donald Trump has obviously been socially-distanced from the thousands of adoring supporters that pack the arenas anywhere he goes, while his most inevitable opponent, Joe Biden, is probably hoping the economy doesn’t re-open until after November.

The less American voters see of Joe and the more Democrats can try to pin COVID-19’s fallout on the President, the better for Team Biden.

Biden’s Vice Presidential Choice Might One of the Most Crucial in Modern American Political History

But just as crucial given Biden’s age – he will turn 78 just a few weeks after the general election – who will be his vice presidential candidate?


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New York Post columnist Michael Walsh believes that if Michelle Obama decided to join the Biden ticket, that team would be unstoppable.

Vice President Michelle Obama?

Walsh notes that on top of Biden promising to have a woman as his vice presidential running mate, that partner would also have to “balance the ticket, push progressive causes, and check all the social-justice boxes” but also turn out the African American vote in droves.

Obama could do all of these things without having to actually do much at all. Her mere presence on the ticket would speak volumes on each part of this checklist. Far more than Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar or any of the other Democratic women’s names that have been floated.

Mrs. Obama, who is already reportedly making an endorsement video for Biden, is a no-brainer. Former Democratic Party chairman of South Carolina Dick Harpootlian told The Hill, “If she engages, God help Donald Trump, because she’s tough as nails and enormously popular.”


Walsh gives a timeline of how a Joe Biden-Michelle Obama team would be a can’t lose combo for the presidency

And how that could lead to another eight years of the Obamas in the White House.

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How Eight More Years of the Obamas in the White House Could Happen–If They Wanted it To

“In the next month or so, Biden would announce Michelle Obama as his running mate…” Walsh writes.
“Michelle would immediately attract the undying worship of the national press corps…”

The columnist continued, “Barack Obama, who manfully supports his wife in all her endeavors, would joke about being the First Husband and cite his familiarity with the White House as a qualification.”

“Nov. 3: With the black vote and the Bernie Sanders wing of the party solidly behind them, the Biden-Obama(s) team would defeat Trump in both the popular vote and the Electoral College, flipping Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona and North Carolina and winning both houses of Congress,” Walsh wrote.


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“Jan. 20, 2021: Joe Biden is inaugurated as the 46th president of the United States,” Walsh posits. “Jan. 21: On live television, Joe and Dr. Jill Biden tearfully announce that the 78-year-old president is ‘unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office,’ and that under the 25th Amendment, he’s resigning.”

Walsh imagines, “Michelle Obama is now president of the United States and will not only fill out Biden’s term but will retain her eligibility to run again in her own right in 2024 when she will have turned 60. Jan. 22: President Obama announces her choice for vice president …”

Walsh admits this is unlikely, but he also asks, “How could the Republicans ever counter it?”

That is a good question. The scenario might be unlikely but it is by no means implausible.

Would Michelle Obama consider joining Biden?

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