Is It Wrong to Say the U.S. Is Being Invaded?

Was that a little strong? Regardless, even if they are not in uniforms carrying a weapon or driving a tank. And it is worse because Mexico is encouraging it? Are we in a situation where the leadership of Mexico has no basic respect for United States citizens?

There are too many questions which are piling up with not enough answers. Why do we process these illegal aliens once they sneak past the border and set foot on U.S. soil? Why not just send them back over the border? The processing takes weeks, even months. So meanwhile, they’re over here being fed and taken care of. Many times, they slip away and are now somewhere in the U.S. which is what they wanted all along. The women who get pregnant or are already pregnant remain in the U.S. because, of course, the baby is an American citizen. I wish President Trump would continue to fight to change the birthright law. If a child is born in the United States and the parents are not American citizens, then the child should not be either.

My question to government leaders: These people are coming here for one reason, money. They have zero dollars, no clothing, no education, health issues are iffy, and most cannot get a job. How can we possibly afford these people? And you know with Nancy Pelosi providing cover, that we will be taking care of these indigents for maybe forever. Why is it that something in government cannot be corrected with the laws to resolve this issue? Why? You are supposed to be working for Americans, not the illegal lawbreakers that are swarming our borders. Why are our borders not better protected? Why?

The vast majority of these people are young men who enter the U.S. illegally with no money, no job, etc., etc. can you imagine the percentage of them that will be unemployed, living off U.S. taxpayer’s dollar, turning to crime and gangs. I fear it’s already too late.

People who are desperately fleeing for their lives don’t wave the flag of their home countries while they’re doing so. This is an act of war. The more illegal aliens we allow to enter our country passively, the easier it will be for them to undermine our nation.

I fully support people at the border undertaking “observe and report” activities. But that concept has just about outlived its usefulness since most of the fence jumpers look for the Border Patrol so they can claim asylum. One thing is for sure, we will not be able to retain our national sovereignty if unlimited numbers of people entering our country without permission are tolerated.

I have concluded anyone who waves the flag of their home country they are “fleeing” should have no right to enter our country under the asylum tag. Secondly, few of them are actually being “persecuted.” They are looking for economic opportunity, period. And that enough is not enough reason for amnesty.

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