Iraq Veteran Stands His Ground Against HOA’s Attempt to Remove American Flag

A Suffolk man refuses to take down his American flag, despite a homeowner’s association asking him to do so.

Daniel Toner has strong feelings on the topic because he is an Army veteran, who served in Iraq. He feels he and his neighbors should be able to fly the American flag no matter what.


Fight for your country yet be told by the neighborhood association that you can’t put the American flag on your own property — property that you are paying for and supposedly own. That’s why people need to tell these neighborhood associations to review their medieval rules and bring them up to the times we currently live in. People need to stop buying into these nanny state environments and espouse their own personal freedom.

According to the Suffork News Herald, Toner’s mother, from whom he rents the condo, had received written permission from the Belmont Park Homeowner’s Association’s property management company to fly the flag. Now, the HOA is demanding he take down the flag.

“My position is, if you are restricting a flag holder, you are restricting the American flag by association. It’s an American flag; you should never have to take down one if it’s reasonably displayed.”

Watch this video interview:

As a veteran of Desert Storm/Shield, I totally agree with Toner’s stance. What are your thoughts on being able to fly the American flag on your porch? Drop your comments below and share this story on Twitter and Facebook.

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