Did Rep. Nancy Pelosi call his cell phone and issue an apology yet?

Javad Zarif, Foreign Minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran, is complaining about how he is being denied a visa to the United Nations. Zarif wants a speaking platform at the UN to seduce more ignorant Democrats. Iran is not a normal civilized country. Hasn’t been since the 1979 revolution. It’s an authoritarian theocracy controlled by militant extremists. Pres. Trump made the right call.

We in the United States find it prudent not to let representatives of countries that threaten to attack where or president lives and kill Americans on our home soil into the country – hard as that is to believe.

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This is rich. Isn’t this the pot calling the kettle black. The #1 state sponsor of terror chastising the US for what they have been doing to the world directly and through proxy groups for decades? This General Soleimani was a designated terrorist, not by Pres. Trump but by previous administrations. He was arrogant and figured that the US didn’t have the guts to challenge him for violating sanctions and would allow him to travel freely and plot to kill our personnel. Pres. Trump isn’t Barack Obama! I guess they got a rude surprise.

Zarif’s statement also listed a series of allegations against the U.S., including “economic terrorism” and “cowardly assassination.” So what exactly is it then when they hijack oil tankers and indiscriminately kill thousands via terrorist proxies. They are at war with us, and they are just mad that we finally have a president who recognizes that.

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif fumed Tuesday over the reported U.S. decision to deny him a visa to address the United Nations in New York later this week, amid escalating tensions between the two countries after the killing of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani.

“They fear that someone comes to the U.S. and reveals realities,” Zarif told The Associated Press. “The world is not limited to New York, and you can talk to the American people from Tehran, and we will do that.

He later claimed in a tweet that denying him a visa was in violation of the 1947 United Nations Headquarters agreement that established the international body’s base of operations in New York. That agreement requires the U.S. to permit foreign diplomats from other countries to conduct U.N. business. He also listed a series of allegations against the U.S., including “economic terrorism” and “cowardly assassination.” [Fox News]

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I hope all the liberal democrats see what they have created in the world. People from terrorist countries think they are entitled and can do anything they please without consequence. This is the scam that the left has been pulling for years and have so many blinded followers.

Why has no journalist or expert Iranian analysis asked the question that comes to mind “What was this High-Level Military Strategist doing in Syria, Iraq, and other places before, after and during the attacks on the Embassy and other United States Facilities?”

Maybe the reporters and talking heads couldn’t create the sensation that accusing Pres. Trump of being “a monster and committing war crimes” produces? Elected Officials of the Senate and House have taken to the media heartbroken and apologetic for the killing of a terrorist.

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Iran has been screaming “Death to Americans” for 40 years. They have killed hundreds, if not thousands of our soldiers and civilians. They have been a pariah in the international community for many years. But once Trump orders an airstrike that killed the mastermind behind their terrorism, all of a sudden, they are peace-loving people, and we are the bad guy.

Yet they are still going to treat us the same as they did before his killing. They hated us then, and they hate us now. They were trying to kill Americans then, and they are trying to kill Americans now. So what exactly was wrong about killing the terrorist. I found if someone is running his mouth about you, at some point, it is time to throw down the gauntlet and get it on.

Maybe this move will convince the UN to move their operation someplace else so the US won’t have to cover their financial extravagances anymore.

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