Insane: Ferguson Police Armor Blamed On Tea Party?

You knew it was just a matter of time, didn’t you?  Liberals always somehow manage to blame the Tea Party for what ails the country, no matter how ridiculous the leap in logic.

Fortunately for MSNBC, they’ve hired a whole slew of ridiculously ideological, far left, and unintelligent people to host their shows.

Take for instance Ed Schultz, an MSNBC Host who consistently injures his knuckles every time he walks.

Schultz went on air and somehow managed to blame the heavily armored police presence in Ferguson on anti-government hate groups.

Using my trusty Liberal-English dictionary, I see that anti-government hate groups equates to the Tea Party, or conservatives in general.

In the midst of running footage of the chaos in Ferguson, Schultz asked his guest, “What about the (police) equipment?”

Rather than making a coherent comment regarding the police force and the necessity of such equipment, Schultz moved on to a different reason law enforcement would need the armor.

“The Department of Homeland Security recently came out with a report saying that the biggest threat to our security is here within our own borders.   There’s a lot of anti-government groups that have popped up in this country, hate groups that have popped up in this country.  And law enforcement in some respects feels pretty much outgunned and they want to be prepared.”

Got that?  Police force, police armor, and a heavy police presence in the midst of race riots in Ferguson are all due to you wanting less taxes and limited government.


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