‘Insane F***’ Joe Rogan Laps Keith Olbermann For Saying Riley Gaines ‘Sucked At Swimming’

Keith Olbermann got slapped with a Community Notes fact-check on X and an accurate new nickname by podcast host Joe Rogan after the former ESPN personality said Riley Gaines is a bad swimmer.
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Now, I know what you’re thinking and let me just stop you right there. Before you get on my case about going after low-hanging fruit in the form of Keith Olbermann, hear me out.

Sometimes the man says something so egregiously idiotic that it simply must be addressed. And clearly, I wasn’t the only one who felt that way.

Olbermann got slapped with an accurate new nickname by podcast host Joe Rogan after the former ESPN personality, who has never played a sport of any kind, called out Riley Gaines for being a supposedly bad swimmer.

“Can you just address the reality and move past it?” Olbermann wrote on X previously. “You sucked at swimming. That’s why you lost.”

She didn’t lose, however.

Gaines, a former NCAA star swimmer at Kentucky, told the story previously about how she had tied Lia Thomas, her biological male opponent, then watched as officials gave the trophy to Thomas for “photo purposes.”

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Rogan Blasts ‘Insane F***’ Olbermann

This is where a double beatdown comes for Olbermann. It started with Community Notes pointing out that Gaines is a fairly accomplished former NCAA swimmer.

“Riley Gaines holds several current records at the collegiate swimming level, and has won awards from the SEC as well,” the fact-check reads.

It links to her bio at Kentucky, which recounts a slew of academic and athletic accomplishments.

Olbermann followed that up with his usual calm demeanor, accusing Gaines of “transphobia” and randomly suggesting that the former President Donald Trump is “going to hell.”

Rogan addressed Olbermann’s comments in a recent broadcast.

“Keith Olbermann said some ridiculous s*** about she doesn’t have any athletic accomplishments. So she makes a video in response showing all the awards she’s won,” Rogan said. “She’s like a serious f***ing accomplished athlete. She’s an amazing athlete.”

“But for this insane f*** to say this … ” Rogan continued, trailing off as he marveled at Olbermann’s idiocy.

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Olbermann Is A Failed Sportscaster And Never Was An Athlete

The irony here is that Olbermann is arguing that Gaines should sit down and shut up because she wasn’t good enough at swimming. Meanwhile, Olbermann has never played a sport in his life.

Not only does he have zero athletic experience himself, but the man is so uncoordinated that he once tried jumping onto a subway car, hit his head, and rendered himself unable to drive for the rest of his life.

That dude is calling out Gaines’ athletic ability.

There’s no footage of Olbermann doing this, but he’s documented it himself and I’d imagine it looks something like this:

Olbermann has been reduced to providing sports and political commentary on X, formerly known as Twitter, because he’s unemployable everywhere else. He’s burned so many bridges throughout his career that he is now little more than a troll stalking younger more accomplished women online.

When he’s not getting battered by Gaines or Rogan, others like to slap him down every now and again. One example of this is Megyn Kelly, who recently joked that her employment situation differed from his because she “wanted to raise my family” adding that is “something (Olbermann doesn’t) know anything about because no one would marry you.”

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