If you build it, they won’t come.

While President Donald Trump’s border wall is in its infancy and will require billions more in funding for its eventual completion, that doesn’t mean immigrant enforcement hasn’t been beefed up greatly in other areas, such as border patrol and ICE. Even in the absence of a physical wall, it’s more difficult to enter the country illegally and stay here.

In response, some illegals have been deporting themselves (but not back to Mexico). According to LifeZette, illegals are self-deporting to Canada in response to increased immigration enforcement in Trump’s America. “One illegal alien single mother from Eritrea, in northeast Africa — with two U.S.-born so-called anchor babies — decided to leave Las Vegas and head to Canada after she was denied asylum.”

“So now I am here just hoping it gets better,” she said to the Washington Post. “Another illegal alien from Sri Lanka named Modarage, a 51-year-old living illegally in the U.S. since 2005, also spoke to The Washington Post. He said he fled from Maryland to Canada after he heard that the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency was doing more to watch U.S. businesses that are hiring illegal aliens over American citizens — including raiding and auditing Maryland convenience stores and searching for workers here illegally.”

Modarage told The Post, “Donald Trump’s administration has pushed me here [to Canada].”

Ironically, for all the criticism Trump receives for enforcing immigration laws that have always existed, these illegals are discovering that Canada isn’t welcoming them in with open arms either. The New York Times covered this fact earlier in the year, with a headline I couldn’t help but chuckle at: “Migrants Fleeing to Canada Learn Even a Liberal Nation Has Limits.”

Among those “limits” include few illegals being granted asylum. For instance, only 8 percent of Haitian illegals that attempted to enter Canada illegally have been granted asylum, while there’s a backlog of 40,700 cases. “We don’t want people to illegally enter our border, and doing so is not a free ticket to Canada,” said Ahmed Hussein a former refugee that serves as Canada’s minister of immigration. 

For as relatively liberal Canada is compared to the U.S., even they realize that there are limits to how much immigration one country can tolerate (particularly low-skilled immigration). It’s ironic though, given how open towards immigrants and refugees Canadian President Justin Trudeau claims to be. After Trump signed his “travel ban” executive orders, Trudeau responded by welcoming in refugees to Canada.

But it was all talk. Trudeau hasn’t followed through with that promise of taking in refugees that Trump rejected – and he isn’t accepting our illegal immigrants either. Trudeau was at least wise enough not to condemn Trump for illegal immigrant families separated at the border because Canada does the same thing. Of course, the media ignores it when Canada does it.

If only we were Canada – Trump could enforce our immigration laws identically without criticism.