You know, if the government is going to continue to waste taxpayer money, they could at least have the courtesy to waste it on American citizens, no?

In Obama’s America, apparently not. Liberals who bemoaned our massive spending overseas nation building during George W. Bush’s administration seem to have no problem spending American taxpayer money on non-Americans when its non-Americans living in America.

The Department of Health and Human Services is raiding several of its accounts, including money for Medicare, the Ryan White AIDS/HIV program and those for cancer and flu research to cover a shortfall in housing illegal youths pouring over the border at a rate of 255 a day.

HHS is trying to come up with $167 million to fund the Office of Refugee Resettlement that is accepting the youths, according to the Center for Immigration Studies.

Policy Director Jessica Vaughan said that insiders have told her that the funding crisis has forced the department to squeeze programs for money.

Great. Less money for Medicare and HIV/AIDS programs for American citizens, so we can afford to pay for people who aren’t even American citizens.

The money, she said, pays for “shelters, health care, schooling, recreation, and other services for the new illegal arrivals, who typically were brought to the border by smugglers paid by their parents, who often are living in the United States illegally.”

What’s more, it will pay for just one month.

When has government had to raid internal funds before? Borrowing a bucketload of money didn’t seem to be a problem in the past when Obama was racking up $20 trillion in debt.

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