Illegal Immigrants Receiving Tax-Funded Luxury Meals, Healthcare, And Housing

illegal immigrant luxury meal
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Hardworking Americans are forking over taxpayer-funded housing, luxury meals, and healthcare for illegal immigrants in some cities.

While American workers deal with crushing inflation for necessities like food, some illegal aliens receive up to $64 worth of meals – per day.

Believe it or not this is really happening.

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Luxury Meals for Illegal Immigrants?

CBS News Boston reports that some illegal aliens are receiving gilded $16 breakfasts, $17 lunches, and $31 dinners.

How often do you spend that much on yourself for food? Your children, or family?

In New York, the story is similar.

The New York Post’s Betsy McCaughey reported in January, “My sister-in-law, a nurse on Cape Cod, wants to visit New York City and is struggling to find an affordable hotel.”

The story continued:

If she were a Venezuelan migrant who’d just arrived in the Big Apple on a bus from the southern border, she’d have a shot at a room at the four-star Row, steps from Times Square. Or a room at a SpringHill Suites by Marriott, a Holiday Express or a Comfort Inn. Free of charge.

Welcome to Hotel America! Newly arriving migrants are also getting three meals a day courtesy of room service, snacks at any time — and, at some hotels, computer facilities and playrooms for the kids. All paid for by local taxpayers.

New York, already a sanctuary city, is turning itself into a migration magnet by offering these over-the-top freebies.

New York’s mayor Eric Adams has repeatedly warned about the city collapsing under the weight of illegal immigration, but that doesn’t seem to stop them from rolling out the red carpet for Time Square.

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This is Completely Insane

Has the United States gone insane?

A. Why is the southern border still in complete chaos allowing countless aliens to enter the country?

B. Why is American giving them all this free stuff?

The American working class is paying for all this as they continue to endure illegal immigration at unprecedented high levels.

Please make it make sense.

And stop.

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