Does this amount to a crisis, Nancy Pelosi?

An illegal immigrant from Kenya has been charged with smothering and killing a dozen women ranging in age from 76 to 94 in the state of Texas.

Billy Chemirmir has been in custody since last March for the death of an 81-year-old Dallas woman. He had been identified by another 91-year-old woman who was also smothered but later revived by paramedics. She would tell officials that jewelry had been stolen from her home and that Chemirmir told her to “go to bed … don’t fight me” before having a pillow forced over her face.

That information led them to the suspect.

Authorities from various districts added a combined 11 capital murder charges after saying they were combing through over 750 cases involving unattended deaths of elderly women for further links to Chemirmir.

Aside from murder charges, he is also being held on one charge of being in the country illegally.

Think about this for one minute – if Chemirmir was captured in a sanctuary city, officials in that city would NOT notify Immigration and Customs Enforcement about his status. A serial killer!

Not a Crisis?

The Dallas News reports that Chemirmir’s killing spree would make him one of Texas’ most prolific serial killers. And that is based on the 12 charged he is currently facing. Authorities could find more.

It’s important to note that this man – a criminal illegal alien – is what Democrats are willing to overlook in the effort to earn votes.

Earlier this year, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi dismissed those who have lost loved ones to illegal immigrants, saying their losses don’t necessarily amount to a ‘crisis.’

Pelosi was asked to comment on whether or not she would still refer to the President’s plan as a “manufactured crisis” to those who have lost loved ones to illegal aliens, specifically the relatives of Officer Ronil Singh who was killed in her home state.

Instead, they pivot to Dreamers and amnesty, painting illegals as having a “spark of divinity.”

Now we have 12 families devastated by the act of a serial killer in the country illegally. Does that constitute a crisis, Nancy? Should we build the damn wall yet? Should we adopt the President’s new immigration proposals?