Once again, a viral image aiming to show mistreatment of illegal immigrants under the Trump Administration has turned out to have been from the Obama Administration.

On June 18th, Facebook user Crystal Marie posted an image to the social network showing a collection of rosaries. The image was captioned “Remember the piles of wedding rings taken from Holocaust victims and how we see it now and wonder how we ever let the violation of human rights get so far well yeah.”

So far, over 65,000 people have shared the image on Facebook.

Shockingly, no one bothered to take the time to do a reverse image search, which only takes a few seconds. In doing so, I found the photo posted to dozens of message boards back in early 2016, and 2015, which proves that the picture couldn’t be depicting a confiscating of rosaries because of anything the Trump administration had done.


Nor is the real story behind the image anywhere near as sinister as this viral image indicates. In reality, they’re from an article published in October 2015 on CNN. The article opens:

“Hair brushes. Wallets. Snickers bars. Normally, such a collection of everyday items might spark little interest in the average person. When presented as part of the new “Sueno Americano Project,” however, these seemingly mundane items become imbued with poignancy and drama. The photo project — translated from Spanish as the “American Dream” — shows objects found in trash cans by Tom Kiefer, who worked as a janitor and groundskeeper at a U.S. Customs and Border Patrol facility in Ajo, Arizona.”

Below are more photographs, and ask yourself, absent a caption expressing Nazi hysteria, is there anything sinister about the images?



Something tells me the “remember when the Nazis did this?” caption wouldn’t work with a photo of Snickers bars.

This is just the most recent example of a viral image blaming Trump’s immigration policies for things that occurred under  Barack Obama’s presidency. No shortage of images from 2014 and 2015 showing kids in cages have gone viral, entirely due to liberals who think that they’re helping spread photos damning to President Trump.

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It’s amazing how gullible the left can be, just to push their agenda against President Trump and ICE. They should be ashamed of themselves.