Hypocrite Liberals Sign Petition Supporting Amnesty–See What They’re Refusing to Sign…

You know how some people gripe about Bible-beating Christians who sit in church every Sunday, but feel no obligation to ask themselves “What Would Jesus Do?” when it comes to things like feeding the poor? Evidently, being a liberal who supports open borders and amnesty for illegals is kind of like that.

Dan Joseph of the Media Research Center went to downtown Alexandria, Virginia and asked people to sign two petitions. The first was a petition to bring unaccompanied minors to Alexandria. As you can imagine, these cookie-cutter white libs dressed in J. Crew all jumped at the chance to prove how open-minded they are by signing it. But when Joseph asked them to actually sign up to house a few illegals? Well, let’s not get carried away, now! No one said anything about actually living according to “progressive” values.

Liberals supporting unfettered illegal immigration is the equivalent of Christians praying loudly in public. It’s for show, a way of announcing that you believe the right things are more pious and moral than everybody else, even if your lifestyle indicates otherwise. It’s doubtful any of the people in this video have ever met an illegal immigrant, let alone welcomed illegals into their schools, homes, and neighborhoods.

I’m sure the people who declined to house unaccompanied minors think they have valid reasons, such as economic and safety concerns. Well, doesn’t the rest of America? Maybe we don’t want a flood of cheap labor when so many others are already unemployed and competing for jobs. Maybe we’re concerned about the lawlessness that comes with open borders. But liberals call that “racist.”

We’re still waiting on even one prominent liberal who supports amnesty to actually take in an illegal immigrant. What’s the hold-up? Are you telling me Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t have a spare bedroom?