Hurricane Irma Upgraded – Heading Towards The Gulf Of Mexico

On the heels of the devastating Hurricane Harvey, a new tropical storm is heading to the same area.

IRMA UPGRADED TO HURRICANE: The tropical storm ‘rapidly’ intensified Thursday, strengthening into a Category 2 hurricane with 100 mph sustained winds.

Hurricane Irma is expected to be “an extremely dangerous hurricane for the next several days,” the National Hurricane Center said.

Posted by Fox News on Thursday, August 31, 2017

Tropical Storm Irma was just upgraded to “hurricane” status by the National Hurricane Center. Should Irma reach land, especially near the already battered Houston area, it could have devastating effects. According to The Washington Post, there is a possibility the hurricane will reach the continental United States, bringing more rain and strong winds to areas in and around the Gulf.

The farther north it goes, the more likely it becomes that it will recurve to the north and away from land. But if it stays farther south, away from weaknesses in a large area of high pressure in the subtropics (to its north), it can keep cruising toward the Caribbean, Central America, Mexico and possibly the United States.

I shudder to think about another hurricane hitting the Houston area after all the damage Harvey caused. We must be vigilant of this storm, and, above all, prepared. A part of our country just suffered one of the worst natural disasters in our history. Should Irma pick up in intensity and actually hit land in the U.S., we’ll be in for trouble. Our emergency personnel on the federal and state level near the Gulf are already stretched thin.

But should anything go wrong, I’m fully confident the American people can come together once again and show the same love and compassion that was on display on Houston.

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