Hunter Biden’s ‘Baby Mama’ Wants to Know How Much He Made Off Ukraine Deal

According to a new court filing, the mother of Hunter Biden’s child wants him to disclose how much money he made while working for Burisma, the Ukrainian energy company.

28-year-old Lunden Roberts filed a paternity suit against the former vice president’s son in May after a DNA test last month proved that he was indeed the father of her child.

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Roberts Wants to Know Biden’s True Finances

In court documents filed by Roberts, she asks that 49-year-old Biden to confirm that he was paid a certain amount each month to sit for five years on the board of Burisma. Biden reportedly made over $83,000 a month holding that position, and could have continued in that role if he hadn’t chosen to step down.

“Admit that you chose not to continue as a board member of Burisma. Admit that you could have continued to act as a board member for Burisma,” the filing stated. “Admit that your decision not to continue as a board member for Burisma was voluntary.”

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Roberts’ filing also brings up a matter linked to China.

“Admit that you or an entity owned, controlled, or under your direction or supervision received money from a Chinese person, entity, or corporation for foreign (meaning international) or domestic (meaning United States) investment purposes,” Clinton Lancaster, Roberts’ lawyer, wrote.

“Admit that you facilitated investments in domestic and international ventures for a company funded in part or in whole by a Chinese person, entity, or corporation.”

Before he stepped down in October, Hunter Biden was on the board of BHR (Shanghai) Equity Investment Fund Management Co.

Roberts Reportedly Working for ‘Less Than Minimum Wage’

By the end of the week, both Roberts and Biden are supposed to submit financial records to Judge Don McSpadden. McSpadden reportedly wants to see five years of records before he decides how much Biden should pay in child support.

The Daily Mail reported that Roberts submitted information indicating “that she is employed at a family business probably for a salary of less than minimum wage.”

The judge suggested the case will be resolved at the next hearing, slated for Jan. 7, 2020.

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Biden Claims He’s In Debt

This week, Hunter Biden’s legal counsel also filed documents requesting not to pay Roberts’s $11,000 legal bill. Biden says he couldn’t complete a financial affidavit because he hasn’t had a job since May, when he left Burisma’s board.

Biden said his expensive 2017 divorce from his ex-wife Kathleen put him in debt. Biden’s lawyers left the case recently because they said they were informed he no longer wanted their services.

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