Howard Schultz Slams Socialist Democrats – ‘There’s Nothing Free in America’

Former Starbucks CEO and possible independent candidate for president, Howard Schultz, slammed socialist Democrats for proposing unrealistic ideas and noting nothing in America is free.

Speaking at the South by Southwest Conference (SXSW) in Austin, Texas this past weekend, Schultz fired daggers at extremists in the Democrat party, giving some indication why he can’t consider making a presidential run as a member of their resistance.

He is dismayed to see so many radical socialists taking over the party, something he suggests is a far cry from adhering to American values.

“For us to start moving towards a level of socialism is such an extreme position and something that is inconsistent with the values, the heritage, and the tradition of the country,” Schultz said.

“That is what Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and others are proposing to try and defeat Donald Trump with a far extreme proposal.”

Schultz believes that if any of the extreme Democrats end up being the nominee against the President in 2020, he will easily coast to reelection.

Took Aim at Ocasio-Cortez

Perhaps Schultz’ most effective commentary came when he attacked Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who herself had spoken at the conference.

The New York socialist did not disappoint her radical base – in front of a left-leaning crowd she delivered some incredibly extreme positions, not the least of which included:

Schultz took pointed aim at her platforms – particularly the Green New Deal which is a joke amongst reasoned thinkers, and her desire to provide wages to those “unwilling” to work.

He slammed elements of the Green New Deal as “well-intentioned” ideas but ideas that are “never going to happen.”

“Let’s propose things that are true, that are honest, that are sincere, and that are realistic,” he implored.

Blasted the Democrats For Promising “Free” Things

Schultz took aim at the socialist Democratic party in general, with their faux promises of free things for the American people.

“There’s nothing free in America,” Schultz said. “So these proposals about Medicare for all, and free college, and a government job for everybody, that is not free.”

“Someone is going to have to pay for that,” he continued, “and that means that taxes for everyone is going to have to go up or someone’s going to have to wave a magic wand and do something that doesn’t exist but that has to be paid for by somebody and the difficulty in trying to pay for any of that is we’re sitting with twenty-two trillion dollars of debt that has to be addressed.”

He’s Been Saying This For a While

Schultz’s comments at the SXSW conference have become familiar. The CEO of a major corporation such as Starbucks seems to grasp the notion that you can’t simply promise things to people for free.

In an interview with the ladies of “The View” in January, Schultz said promising to hand out “free” things to the American people is an idea that is unsustainable.

“I respect the Democratic Party. I no longer feel affiliated because I don’t know their views represent the majority of Americans,” Schultz would add.

Is he right? Do you think they represent American values?

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