Houston City Councilman Refuses To Resign After Backlash Over Unflattering Michelle Obama Meme

Michelle Obama

Calls are growing for a Houston city councilman to resign simply posting an unflattering meme of former First Lady Michelle Obama, but instead of backing down, he’s speaking out to defend himself.

Councilman Refuses To Resign

Houston City Councilman Greg Travis, who represents the Texas city’s District G,  to share a meme comparing Michelle to Melania Trump. The meme featured both women wearing pantsuits, and Travis captioned it, “Yep. Just saying.”

Ashton P. Woods, founder of Black Lives Matter Houston, posted screenshots of the post on Twitter, calling for Travis to resign.

“Houston City Councilman Greg Travis hates black women,” Woods wrote alongside the screenshots. “DEMAND HIS RESIGNATIOM [sic].”

Travis’ Controversial Comments

In the screenshots, Travis can be seen responding to a comment from local businesswoman and former city council candidate Laurie Robinson, who had pointed out that Michelle went to Harvard.

“It’s called Affirmative Action. Doesn’t take much—she was born with her qualification. She isn’t the brightest bulb in the lot,” Travis wrote in response. He went on to also bring Kamala Harris into the conversation.

“And let’s not talk about Kamala—her qualification is that she sleeps with powerful men,” he said. “And don’t bring up Hillary. Please, she would be nothing without Bill and she had to cover up for him raping those five women. Feminism is dead on the left. These three helped to kill it.”

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Travis Refuses To Back Down

Despite the backlash he has received, Travis defiantly told KPRC2 that he would not be resigning.

“I have every right to my opinion. They have every right to their opinion. I don’t tell other people they can’t have their opinion,” he said. “They can call for whatever they want. I’m not resigning.”

“There’s a difference,” Travis added of Melania and Michelle. “I think one is classier. One is not.”

When pressed on this by reporters, he replied, “Well, I just think that one represents the first lady ideal. Michelle Obama has always been too political for me.”

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As for affirmative action, Travis said, “You don’t get Affirmative Action if you’re white.”

When asked if he truly believes Michelle only got into Harvard because of affirmative action, he responded, “Well, the answer is I don’t specifically know because I didn’t see her transcript, but I will tell you I’ve read articles that alluded to that. So, the answer is I don’t know if she did or if she didn’t.”

Travis Doubles Down

“I like women. I like Blacks. I like Black women,” Travis continued. “One of my favorite people is Candace Owens. I actually gave money to her organization. If I didn’t like Black women, I probably wouldn’t be supporting her.”

Despite the many careers that cancel culture mobs like the one after Travis have destroyed, he doesn’t think he’s going anywhere.

“What’s trying to be done to me is to cancel me out,” he said. “It’s not going to work. When people do that I just fight even harder.”

This piece was written by James Samson on December 30, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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