House Will Vote On Censure For Gosar For Sharing Parody Cartoon Video Attacking AOC

The House will vote to possibly censure Representative Paul Gosar over a bizarre parody video showing the Arizona Republican striking Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with swords.

The United States House of Representatives will vote Wednesday to possibly censure GOP Representative Paul Gosar over a bizarre parody video showing the Arizona Republican striking Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with swords.

Proving once again we live in the absolute dumbest of times.

Gosar will be the subject not just of a censure vote, but a determination on whether or not he should be removed from his committee assignments.

The proposed resolution would remove him from the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, where AOC also sits, and the Committee on Natural Resources.

That’s right. While you struggle each day to afford filling up your gas tank to perhaps go to an understaffed job due to everyone else quitting, or head to the grocery store that will empty your wallet due to inflation pricing, our lawmakers are debating the merits of a cartoon.

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Vote To Censure Gosar

If anything, Gosar should be slapped on the back of his hand with a ruler over the very cringeworthy value of the video he posted.

The congressman, starring in the parody clip which mimics the Japanese anime series Attack on Titan, takes part in a battle to defend against illegal immigration.

He is shown ‘slaying‘ AOC, her face edited onto the body of a giant. Again, keep in mind this is a silly cartoon.

The video ends with Gosar’s likeness running toward a large photo of President Biden’s face, swords in hand.

Naturally, AOC and the Democrats who are convinced they were nearly ‘murdered’ back on January 6th had a meltdown over the ‘violent’ video.

So much so that they’ve written a resolution and will vote on a censure for Gosar.

The resolution accuses Gosar of “further(ing) violence against elected officials” and calls on the Committee on Ethics to “investigate the video.”

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Never Apologize

Gosar made the mistake of deleting the video and explaining himself.

“I do not espouse violence or harm towards any Member of Congress or Mr. Biden,” Gosar said.

“The video depicts the fight taking place next week on the House floor and symbolizes the battle for the soul of America when Congress takes up Mr. Biden’s massive $4 trillion spending bill that includes amnesty for millions of illegal aliens already in our country and was not meant to depict any harm or violence against anyone portrayed in the anime.”

You can’t explain symbolism to liberals, Mr. Gosar.

First, that word is three syllables longer than those Democrats like AOC usually comprehend.

Second, it’s a mistake to apologize because you know damn well the Democrats are going to vote to censure you regardless of apologies or explanations.

Gosar Digital Director Jessica Lycos has the better approach, mocking the left for their reaction to the video.

“The left doesn’t get meme culture,” Lycos explained. “They have no joy. They are not the future. It’s a cartoon. Gosar can’t fly and he does not own any light sabers. Nor was violence glorified. This is about fighting for truth.”

The House of Representatives is an embarrassment.


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