House Votes Overwhelmingly To Condemn Trump’s Decision To Remove Troops From Syria

Shelby Talcott on October 16, 2019

The House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly Wednesday to condemn President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw American troops from Syria.

The White House announced Oct. 6 that Trump told Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan the U.S. would be clearing out of northern Syria. The news sparked bipartisan backlash because it allows Turkey to invade Syria and go after Kurdish fighters, who have worked with the U.S. to beat ISIS.

Republicans and Democrats alike approved a resolution opposing Trump’s apparent acceptance of Turkey invading and attacking the Kurds. The measure passed 354-60, the New York Times reported. A bipartisan group of congressional leaders was set to meet with Trump about the issue shortly after the resolution passed.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Vice President Mike Pence will travel to Ankara, Turkey Wednesday to discuss a cease-fire.

“The Vice President will voice the United States’ commitment to reach an immediate ceasefire and the conditions for a negotiated settlement” according to a press release from the Office of the Vice President.

Over 150 Kurdish soldiers have diet since Trump announced he would withdraw American troops and Turkey launched “Operation Peace Spring” Oct. 10, the country’s defense military announced. Turkey’s Defense Ministry said the number is higher, Fox News reported.

The resolution is mostly symbolic but notes that America’s withdrawal is “beneficial to adversaries of the United States government,” including Russia, Syria and Iran. It called for Erdogan to end military action in northern Syria, the NYT reported.

Trump has stayed strong behind his decision, noting Wednesday that Turkey invading Syria is “not our problem” and adding the the Kurds “are no angels.”

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