House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Does Not Commit To Voting, Delaying Coronavirus Bill

On Wednesday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi delayed passing the Senate’s coronavirus relief package in the House. In fact, the House was in session for only about three minutes before they adjourned.

That’s right, only three minutes. They will not be in session again until Thursday.

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‘No way’ for the House to to pass the bill on Wednesday

Pelosi said there was not enough time on Wednesday for the House to address the bill.

“House Democrats will now review the final provisions and legislative text of the agreement to determine a course of action,” Pelosi said about the nearly $2 trillion emergency relief package. After a long night of negotiations, the Senate plans to vote on the bill Wednesday afternoon, which means the House will not be able to vote on the package until Thursday.

Pelosi also said there is “no way” for the House to to pass the bill on Wednesday.

McConnell said the current version of the relief package “will get more equipment to the heroes on the front lines” and that “this is a wartime level of investment.” He added that “this has been a long week for the Senate,” and that the Senate is “going to pass this legislation later today.”

Nancy’s Liberal Wishlist

Part of the holdup was Pelosi’s introduction of a coronavirus bill on Monday chocked full of items that had nothing to do with the health crisis.


The House Speaker’s bill is 1,119 pages and contained things such as “conducting risk-limiting audits of results of elections,” bailouts for the U.S. postal service, same-day voter registration, and various “Green New Deal” initiatives.

Obviously Democrats were trying to ram through wishlist items using financial relief and Republicans weren’t having it.

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Why Can’t they Just Pass a Relief Bill Without a Bunch of Things In It That Have Nothing to Do with Coronavirus?

As out-of-work Americans clamor for some kind of relief, Washington politicians have busied themselves playing the same kind of games they typically do as citizens suffer. Why can’t there be a coronavirus bill with items that only address the economic disruption caused by this outbreak? Why are election and voting rules even considered in such legislation?

Don’t expect an answer from Nancy Pelosi anytime soon.

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