Netflix Cancels “House of Cards” Shooting After Kevin Spacey Revelations

Actor Kevin Spacey is done.

In the eyes of many onlookers, one of the best actors of his generation is now tainted goods. One of the best non-cable shows is being pulled after his admittance of sexual misdeeds with a minor. At first, Netflix was going to finish shooting its current season. But now the network has put that shooting on hiatus. (Related Article – Rosie O’Donnell Claims She Knew Kevin Spacey Was A Sexual Predator)

Spacey first claimed he had no knowledge of a sexual assault allegation of a 14-year-old many years ago at his house. That young kid, actor Anthony Rapp, has come forward about the incident. If that wasn’t the worst thing possible, Spacy later added drunkenness and homosexuality as excuses.

Saying that you were drunk doesn’t absolve you of anything. Alcohol lowers your inhibitions. It doesn’t make you do things against your will. It isn’t mind control. Spacey needs to face the fact that he’s a pervert and get some serious therapy.

Netflix has apparently killed Spacey’s character of Frank Underwood. From The Verge: “Netflix has decided to stop production on the upcoming sixth season of House of Cards in light of the recent sexual abuse allegations actor Anthony Rapp made against series star Kevin Spacey. Deadline reports that the streaming service, and its production partner, Media Rights Capital, informed the cast and crew this morning in Maryland, where production had already begun.”

My entire view of Kevin Spacey has changed with this. I will now feel compelled to avoid his movies. Hollyweird sure has an overabundance of perverts and pedophiles.

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