Hours After Nashville Shooting, Dem Rep Katherine Clark Attacks ‘MAGA Extremists’ for Making Trans Community ‘Fight for Existence’

Katherine Clark attacked "MAGA extremists" for cruelty and said the trans community was "being forced to fight for its very existence."
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House Minority Whip Katherine Clark attacked “MAGA extremists” for their alleged cruelty and said the trans community was “being forced to fight for its very existence.”

The second most powerful Democrat in the House made those comments within 48 hours of a transgender terrorist attack on a Christian elementary school that killed six, including three children just nine years of age.

It is a truly disgusting display.

Clark on Wednesday stood up to express support for the trans community and immediately declared a practical justification for violence.

“Ahead of Trans Day of Visibility, I rise in honor of a community that is being forced to fight for its very existence,” she said.

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Democrat Katherine Clark Says Trans Community Forced to Fight For Existence

As a standalone speech, Katherine Clark’s speech on the fake victimhood befalling the trans community is pretty nuts.

“I rise in honor of trans joy that deserves to be celebrated, not eradicated,” she said.

“I rise with unconditional love for my trans daughter, Riley, and I rise in solidarity with every trans American seeking nothing less than their inalienable right to the pursuit of happiness.”

There are roughly, and let me make sure I’m doing my math correctly here, zero transgender people who do not currently have a right to pursue happiness.

Even then, Clark need only look back to Monday in her memory bank to find Christians who were not celebrated, but rather “eradicated.”

What about their “right to the pursuit of happiness?”

“To stand in the way of that right is to stand against our most basic American values, but that’s exactly what MAGA extremists are doing…” she continued.

“They’re using their power to undermine the freedoms and human dignity of trans Americans,” Clark added. “And they’re waging an especially vicious crusade on our kids.”

Did she seriously just reference a crusade against kids when three children were murdered at a Christian school? Did she really just go there?

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Her Trans Kid Was Arrested For Assault

Making the speech even more ballsy is the fact that Katherine Clark’s daughter, who identifies as non-binary and goes by the name “Jared,” was arrested for assaulting a police officer in Boston earlier this year.

One month prior to that, Representative Katherine Clark was telling NBC News anchor Chuck Todd about one of her children “waking up with nightmares” about climate change.

Clark might want to do a little self-reflection.

Aside from being ineffective as a parent, Clark is ranked as one of the least effective Democrat members of Congress according to a study by the nonpartisan Center for Effective Lawmaking.

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