‘Squad’ Member Jamaal Bowman Throws Wild Tantrum Over Guns, Thomas Massie Tells Him to ‘Calm Down’ and Hits Him With Facts

Jamaal Bowman threw a temper tantrum just outside the House floor over his party's inability to ban guns in America, while Thomas Massie advised him to "calm down."
Screenshot: @RepBowman Twitter Video

Emotionally unstable. Hormonally temperamental. Incapable of communicating and reduced to arguing like a pre-teen.

These are all the hallmarks of a ‘Squad’ member. And that doesn’t change when it comes to the top male member of the far-left group, Jamaal Bowman.

Bowman (D-NY) threw a temper tantrum just outside the House floor on Wednesday over his party’s inability to ban guns in America in the wake of the transgender terrorist attack on a Christian elementary school earlier this week.

The incident began when Bowman ambushed his Republican colleagues by shouting at them as they left the chamber for not backing stricter gun control measures.

“They’re cowards! They’re all cowards!” he yelled. “They won’t do anything to save the lives of our children at all. Cowards!”

He posted a video of his tirade on social media, adding an all-caps curse word to demonstrate he is super-serious about what he is saying.

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Jamaal Bowman and Thomas Massie Go At It

Look, I’m sure in Jamaal Bowman’s mind, he thought acting like a deranged lunatic in the halls of Congress was the proper way to address deranged lunatics in the outside world.

There’s little doubt he rehearsed his little foot-stomping tirade in the mirror beforehand. As with all ‘Squad’ members, it’s always about getting attention by being overly dramatic.

Fortunately, Representative Thomas Massie happened upon the scene and hit him with facts, pointing to the effectiveness of armed security or teachers in our schools.

“You know, there’s never been a school shooting in a school that allows teachers to carry,” Massie pointed out.

83-year-old Democrat Representative Steny Hoyer (D-MD) tried to interject but couldn’t get a word in as Bowman continued screaming in an attempt to get anybody he could to pay attention.

Massie at one point told Bowman to “calm down,” a sentiment anybody watching the above video would likely support.

“Calm down? Children are dying,” Bowman screeched.

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Reality Always Hits Back Harder

Realizing he was getting nowhere with the emotionally unstable Bowman, Massie walked over to reporters who had gathered watching the tantrum and made his own argument regarding school safety.

“We have guns here to protect us, and he doesn’t believe that kids should have somebody to protect them,” Massie said, pointing out that Bowman enjoys armed security in the Capitol.

Isn’t it odd how Democrats get wildly dramatic when they know they can seize an opportunity with a school shooting to restrict gun rights in America?

And that’s exactly what they do – they look at the deaths of children, lick their lips, and say, ‘Now I can score some political points.’

This might seem controversial, but it’s accurate – Democrats love when there is a school shooting. In their minds, it’s their time to shine.

Jamaal Bowman doesn’t care about the children. If Bowman cared about children he’d start looking around his own backyard.

Last year saw a rash of gun violence in the five boroughs of New York City — with one in 10 shooting victims being under the age of 18.

New York has some of the strictest anti-gun laws in all of America. Where are Bowman’s little temper tantrums and tears for the children in his own district?

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