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President Trump Hires New Communications Director: Hope Hicks

In an exclusive report, the Daily Caller has learned Hope Hicks will be named the new White House Communications Director.

President Trump offered her the job, and a White House insider has confirmed she has accepted. Hope has been one of Trump’s most trusted staffers, and has been a leader of the White House’s communications efforts from behind the scenes.

This hire is critical to smoothing out problems in the White House after Anthony Scaramucci was fired only 10 days into the position. It happened so quickly, he was never officially sworn into the job. Scaramucci’s hire also resulted in Sean Spicer’s resignation.

Hicks, age 28 and a former model, is an unusual choice for such a prominent role:

Hicks, from Connecticut, was a model and actress before her start in politics. She officially came onto the Trump radar in 2014, when Ivanka hired her to work in her fashion line. The two had built a relationship through Hicks’ work for the line in her prior communications role at Hiltzick Strategies. She quickly won the trust of the Trump family, and was brought on in a communications role from the start of Trump’s campaign. She has survived several staff shakeups and a wildly competitive environment among Trump’s campaign and now White House staff.

“My father makes people earn his trust,” Ivanka told The New York Times about Hicks in an interview for a June profile. “She’s earned his trust.”

Trump reportedly loves that Hicks can read his moods and execute her job accordingly with professionalism. “Her most important role is her bond with the candidate,” his former campaign manager Paul Manafort told TheNYT. “She totally understands him.”

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