Hollywood Liberals Threaten Boycott of Georgia If State Bans Abortion After Detection of Fetal Heartbeat

Alyssa Milano went from “Who’s the Boss” to “Who’s this broad that won’t stop complaining.”

Milano has drafted a letter and rounded up other Hollywood actors to sign her petition to boycott the state of Georgia. The state’s Senate approved a bill banning abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected. The bill still must be approved by the Georgia House of Representatives and signed by Gov. Brian Kemp before becoming law, but it’s on its way.

These arrogant Hollywood celebrities think they’re some ruling class that can push their phony weight around.

My biggest problem with all of this is if these actors don’t live in Georgia they should not have a say on how the state operates. That the glory of our country – each state has rights to believe as it wishes, and enact laws to govern themselves the way they see fit. Agree, or disagree, some celebrity does not necessarily have a life there. I would have been more understanding if this list of 50 celebrities from Georgia with this view. I’d then wonder if the government was going against the wishes of most of their constituents.

“But we require a safe working environment with respect, tolerance, and love.” I always gasp when people use the word ‘tolerance.’ You tolerate things you don’t like. It shows where her head is.

So Georgia should tolerate her, but she doesn’t have to tolerate Georgia?

I see the actors who signed the letter and are agreement with Milano are the Twitter Crew that usually goes along with her. I am disappointed with these actors. I don’t consider most on the list A-List actors, but big-budget films and the A-List probably won’t take sides on this issue

There’s going to be a tipping point for Hollywood soon. People that have supported Hollywood for the entertainment value and where we could take a break from the daily grind. It’s come to the point where the values of Hollywood are no longer the values of people that once supported them. After Robert DeNiro’s rant bashing the president, Jussie Smollett’s dropped felony charges, now way too many in Hollywood feel that they’re more important than life itself. Hollywood is morally corrupt, has no values and money has become their god.

I am proud of Georgia and hope they will continue to regard life to be more important than films. I doubt they “need” the film industry and their privileged, better-than-you attitude to keep going. Be strong and support life. Those who want an abortion in the film industry can go anywhere in the world. They don’t need the cold, heartless atmosphere of Planned Parenthood.

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