They’re supposed to hate everything about President Trump. He wants to build a wall instead of building bridges. He’s racist, xenophobic, anti-immigrant.

At least that’s what the mainstream media would have you believe.

Yet there is one group of Americans that are cutting through all of the liberal noise, voicing approval of the President more than any other group in America – Hispanics.

That’s right. Hispanics.

In fact, support among Latino voters has surged since the election, exceeding the approval rating that all other groups give to Trump.

Via the Washington Examiner:

Hispanic support for Donald Trump has surged since Election Day, and now tops that of the president’s overall approval rating.

In its latest survey, Zogby Analytics said that Hispanic support has hit 45 percent, two points higher than the president’s generic approval.

That is 55 percent higher than the total Latino vote for Trump in the election. He won just 29 percent.

President Trump has been in office for a mere 5 months and has gone from a 29 percent voting rate to a 45 percent approval rating.

That’s incredible!


“The biggest surprise in this new poll is Trump’s approval among Hispanic voters, which is at 45% approval/51% disapproval,” Zogby writes. “In February the numbers were less among Hispanics at 39% approval/53% disapproval.”

Even more of a reality check, support from Hispanics may actually be a sign that Trump’s immigration enforcement platform is working.

A survey in February showed that 46 percent of Hispanic voters support cutting off funding to sanctuary cities, while 56 percent supported an end to a policy of “catch and release” and a renewed effort to deport illegal criminals.

True Hispanic Americans are completely in sync on illegal immigration, enforcing border security, and with how Trump wants to make America great again.


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