Hillary Thinks She Is Entitled To The Presidency Through Political Inheritance

Hillary Clinton believes since her husband was elected as President of the United States and she helped him get there and by some efforts, helped him run the country with her advice here and there, that she is the obvious choice to pick up the mantle of the Oval Office and lead the country.

Her political blindness has made her a two-time loser, and as you know, America doesn’t tolerate losers for leaders. They might support you in prayer and feelings, but they move on to someone they can look to when the country needs a push forward.

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A Hillary Clinton run would be fantastic news for Trump. Almost everyone I asked after 2016 said they voted against Clinton, not for Trump. Trump wasn’t Clinton, and that’s what they cared about.

A lot of people have their scenarios about what could happen, now that former Vice President Joe Biden is super vulnerable and heritage stealing Elizabeth Warren is allegedly become the favorite. I have my own.

Once certain undeniable truths come out about Biden during the impeachment process, he will have to drop out, leaving Warren as the front runner. Trump will get past the impeachment unscathed, despite what the news folks say.

With Biden and Sanders out of the way, he can square his attention on Warren. His attacks on her will help Andrew Yang, Cory Booker, and Kamala Harris rise to almost equal standing in the polls with Warren. With a level and boring playing field getting too close to the primaries, Hillary (who’s been strategically getting louder from the sidelines) will enter the race to ‘save the party’ and to ‘take what she rightfully won.’


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Her announcement will be an energetic performance. All of the news outlets will get on board as instructed. They will manipulate the polls to make her the ‘obvious frontrunner’ as they did in 2016. First Harris will drop, then Booker. Yang won’t get enough screen time from the news so he won’t do well in the primaries, forcing him to drop out. It’ll be a ‘grueling’ competition between Clinton and Warren, which Clinton will maintain a slight lead throughout the primaries. Eventually, Hillary will offer Warren to join forces. Warren will accept and run as Hillary’s vice presidential candidate. They will go for the ‘feminist super ticket’ angle. And thus, we will end up with a repeat of 2016. It is inevitable.

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I have thought all along she has been waiting to see if the candidates imploded. I think she is seriously considering running again. As a supporter of President Trump, I sincerely hope she does. Remember this, Hillary won 57 counties in the entire United States, while Trump won over 3000. That is why there is an electoral college. Otherwise, New York City and California would dictate who presidents are, no matter what the vote. With that said, the Founding Fathers were brilliant.

I wonder if she realizes that Trump is doing his job the best he can. His problem is that the Democratic leadership won’t let him. They have fought him on everything he has tried to do: safeguard our country, protect us legal citizens, and other such acts.

All the Democrats have done is spend taxpayers’ money on investigation after investigation of Trump. If anyone needs to “do your job,” it’s these Democratic leaders who willfully neglect to obey their oaths of office.

Once again, Hillary has been rejected twice by Americans. There is a reason she has been rejected twice. She is part of the swamp and she is not anointed in spite of the media protecting her shenanigans.

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