Hillary Slings Mud at Scott Walker But it Ends up Back on Her Face


Hillary Clinton is watching her “inevitable” nomination in the Democratic primary slip away. The former First Lady can’t engage her own base. And, she also has well-documented history of having issues with the truth.

Her campaign of deceit and manipulation continued this week with her attacking Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker on racial discord with the police as reported by Greenville Online.

Clay Middleton, director of Clinton’s South Carolina campaign, said Walker, one of 17 GOP presidential contenders, has a “fundamental misunderstanding” of the barriers faced by African Americans.

“We don’t need a president who ignores these issues. We need a president who is ready to act on issues like criminal justice reform, 21st century policing and ways to raise incomes across the board,” Middleton said. “One year after Ferguson we should be focused on how to move forward not slide backwards.”

But, her campaign’s smear fell flat as Walker was the first Governor in the nation to sign a bill setting up independent reviews of deaths involving police officers. The bill Walker signed last year requires investigation by members who aren’t in a law enforcement agency. Walker fired back at Hillary’s nonsensical charge against him on Fox and Friends.

This is not the first time Hillary has blasted Walker.

Earlier, Hillary tweeted an attack on Scott Walker for rising college tuition.

Walker fired back with the reality of his record in Wisconsin and paired it against Hillary’s high dollar demands when speaking at a college.

To see more about Scott Walker, there’s a Scott Walker Facebook page you may like.

Faced with multiple scandals and the fact that Democrat voters just don’t seem to like her, Hillary’s attacks on Republicans this week are falling flat. Her campaign strategy appears to be throwing mud against the wall to see what will stick.

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