When it came to Hillary Clinton’s loss, the Democrat establishment (and the talking heads in the media) were quick to point the finger at everyone except themselves.

The list of causes for Hillary’s loss included sexism, racism (for some reason racists didn’t prevent Obama from winning the presidency twice, and decided to conspire against an old white lady), xenophobia, and countless other forms of bigotry that the Left has turned into buzzwords. Basically, an acceptable excuse for Hillary’s loss included everything except Hillary Clinton.

Even Hillary thinks so. She’s finally come out of the woods, and while most of us were hoping she’d be out of the public light by now, she’s releasing a new book. Among other topics, the book will examine the reasons she lost to Donald Trump.

Via The Guardian:

In her first interview since losing the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton said misogyny had played a role in her election loss.

Clinton “spends a lot of time wrestling” with the fact that 53% of white women voted for Trump and the impact of her gender on her loss, she said at the Women in the World summit.

“Certainly misogyny played a role,” she said.

Let’s review her “logic” here. Most white women didn’t vote for me…. therefore misogyny. Genius – onto the next excuse.

Research shows that for men, success and ambition are correlated, while for women it’s the opposite, noted Clinton. She pointed out that when she left the state department, she had a high 65% approval rating.

“It was a job I was asked to do by a man,” said Clinton, noting that public opinion changed when she declared her interest in running for the highest office in the land.

“By the time they finished with me, I was Typhoid Mary,” said Clinton.

The more logical explanation here is that when she began running for president, all eyes were on her, and thus she was the subject of intense scrutiny she never would’ve had if she remained at the State Department. Likewise, we never would’ve learned about some embarrassing moments of Trump’s past (such as the infamous “grab em” comment) had he not run to become the most powerful person in the world.

And, of course, she managed to blame those elusive Russian hackers.

If the forces Hillary claims were against her are indeed responsible for her loss – they still did a crappy job. Does she need to be reminded by the margins in which she outperformed in the popular vote?

Sexism and the Russians didn’t prevent Hillary from campaigning aggressively in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, New Hampshire, and other key swing states. Her confidence that she had the election in the bag did.

She made the mistake of counting her chickens before they hatched – and it cost her.

Unless the chickens also hate women.

What do you think? Is Hillary just making up weak excuses? Share your comments below!

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