Hillary Clinton may have come up with the most horrifying costume possible this Halloween – Her … as the President.

Joking with an audience attending a speaking engagement on her election biography ‘What Happened,’ Clinton said “I’ll maybe come as the president” for Halloween.

Horrifying as that concept might seem, America was incredibly close to that reality just a year ago when all of the experts believed she would win the 2016 election.

Now, shudder the thought, Hillary as President is the most frightening thing we can think of on a holiday meant to scare the pants off of people.

Mockery of Clinton for her comments was swift and unrelenting …


Others pointed out that ‘Gam-Gam’ didn’t necessarily specify what President she’d dress up as.


Then there were those who pointed out that maybe she meant she was going to dress up as the actual President of the United States.


And of course this horror to end all horrors …


Check out the video clip of Hillary threatening to dress up as the President on Halloween … If you dare.


Amazing how she completely ignores the moderator giving her an opportunity to talk about her grandchildren instead. What kind of ‘Gam-Gam’ does that?

Oh, and that cackle. Capture that on recording and play it on a loop outside your front yard this evening and we guarantee the kids will run away scared.

Anyway, if the President costume doesn’t work out, she can always try this popular selection on Halloween – The Wall.

Can you think of anything more frightening than Hillary Clinton as President? Share your thoughts below!