A mall Santa who joked with a little girl that Hillary Clinton had made his naughty list was fired from his position and sent to counseling after the mother complained.

Only the joyless, soulless Hillary could get Santa fired without saying a word.

According to reports, Santa told the little girl that she had made his ‘nice list’ but there was one person still getting some coal in her stocking – Hillary.

The mother, who said she supported Clinton in the election, apparently tried emulating the Democrat candidate’s lack of a sense of humor, and reported the incident.

Via Click Orlando:

A shopping mall Santa Claus in Florida is out of a job for telling a 10-year-old girl that Hillary Clinton was on his “naughty list.”

WKMG-TV in Orlando reported Friday that the Santa was relieved of his duties at the Seminole Town Center in Sanford after the girl’s mother complained.

The girl’s mother called management, and a representative told News 6 that mall officials called the company that hired Santa.

News 6 found out that company is The Noerr Program, Inc., which provides Santas to malls around the country. A spokesman said the Santa in question told them he thought it was a joke, but when the mother called to complain, they removed him from the mall floor.

Spokesman Charlie Russell said his company apologized to the girl’s family.

He also said the Santa in question was sent to counseling in human resources.

At the time of this publication, the mall had no idea if the man playing Santa would be able to return to his job.

Nice job Hillary fan – the man is probably trying to make a few extra bucks to provide Christmas gifts for his family, and you get him fired for making a harmless joke. Less than a week before Thanksgiving no less.

We hope you feel pretty good about yourself right about now.

We’re quite certain your child will need grief counseling over such a malicious and traumatizing joke.

To quote Charlie Brown, good grief.

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