This certainly changes everything.

It was revealed today that FBI agent Peter Strzok had to be removed from the ongoing Trump-Russia collusion investigation undertaken by Special Counsel Robert Mueller after he was caught sending anti-Trump messages to a mistress.

If that wasn’t bad enough, it turns out that Strzok’s role in trying to undermine Trump goes further. He actually had a hand in covering up the crimes Hillary Clinton committed by using a private server to send classified information as Secretary of State.

The report comes via CNN: “A former top counterintelligence expert at the FBI, now at the center of a political uproar for exchanging private messages that appeared to mock President Donald Trump, changed a key phrase in former FBI Director James Comey’s description of how former secretary of state Hillary Clinton handled classified information, according to US officials familiar with the matter.”

And the kicker: “Electronic records show Peter Strzok, who led the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private email server as the No. 2 official in the counterintelligence division, changed Comey’s earlier draft language describing Clinton’s actions as ‘grossly negligent’ to ‘extremely careless,’ the source said.”

Here’s why this matters: The FBI’s description of Hillary Clinton was extremely relevant to how the former presidential candidate was treated. As reporters Laura Jarrett and Evan Perez write, the change “reflected a decision by the FBI that could have had potentially significant legal implications, as the federal law governing the mishandling of classified material establishes criminal penalties for ‘gross negligence.'”

Did Strzok’s alteration help Hillary escape any criminal charges? We’ll have to see how the FBI and Justice Department handle these revelations, but it’s worth asking this question: Why would an FBI official so vehemently anti-Trump alter official records to help Hillary?

The answer should have you questioning the entire integrity of the FBI, and just how far the Deep State is willing to go against our democratically elected President.

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