Hillary Isn’t Going to Like This Hashtag Diplomacy


Veterans for a Strong America filed a Freedom of Information Act request in July of 2014.  The group requested Hillary Clinton’s emails for a book about the government’s handling of the attacks in Benghazi.

At the time of the filing, VSA was not aware that Secretary Clinton had solely used a private email server in her home for all of her official emails. The group is now preparing a lawsuit since learning about Clinton’s home based email server.

Concerns have been raised about the legality of hiding the Secretary of State’s official emails but also regarding how secure the emails could have been given that the server was in the Clinton’s home. Under Clinton’s current system, she alone has discretion on what is a personal and what is an official email for FOIA requests.

Since the federal government seems to be most responsive to hashtags, VSA has now asked supporters to tweet using the hashtag #SeizeTheServers. Aaron Gardner of Huckleberry Ltd consults VSA and is helping promote the cause.

“VSA has been fighting to expose the truth about Benghazi since that tragic night when we lost 4 Americans in a terrorist attack on our Embassy. Joel Arends, the Chairman of VSA, has now called on the House Benghazi committee to seize the Clinton email servers. Hopefully #SeizeTheServers helps in that effort.”

Conservatives took to Twitter to get #SeizeTheServers trending.






If the Select Committee on Benghazi seized Clinton’s emails server, what do you think they would find? Please comment below.


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