Hillary Is Tripping on Her Record While Doing THIS to Obama


Hillary Clinton has a problem on her hands. In the Democrat primary, she has to both embrace and distance herself from Barack Obama. Given the fact that she has to reach out to Obama’s base to win the nomination, she has to appear friendly to her former adversary.

But, the reality is that Obama has been a terrible President. And Hillary has to run from how things are currently because today’s political and economic environments aren’t working for a lot of people. But this creates a problem for the former First Lady with Democrat voters. She is in complete contrast to President Obama who claims things are great.

Will his supporters embrace her when she is essentially stabbing him in the back?

She can’t really say things are great, because they aren’t. And her recent comments appear to show that she might not think Obama is doing a good job. Or perhaps she is pandering. She is known to pander.


As former Secretary of State, Hillary bears responsibility for some of the volatility in the world. Her failures have helped lead us to some of today’s problems.

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H/T: Washington Free Beacon

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