Hillary Clinton Tries, Fails To Jab Trump Over Solar Eclipse

Hillary Clinton, a two-time presidential loser, tried to take a jab at Donald Trump with a social media post about the solar eclipse.
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Hillary Clinton, a two-time presidential loser, tried to take a jab at Donald Trump with a social media post about the solar eclipse. It was immediately met with a whole boatload of reality.

Clinton shared a post she made on X back in 2020. It stated: “Please do not take medical advice from a man who looked directly at a solar eclipse.”

As the total solar eclipse on Monday was approaching, she added an image of Trump famously looking up to the heavens during an eclipse in 2017.

A Trump aide at the time yelled at him “don’t look” after he took his protective eyewear off.

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Hillary Clinton Gets Pilloried For Her Post

When watching the video, you’ll see Trump very briefly looking skyward as he gestures to the crowd down below and everybody has a good laugh.

Naturally, though, Hillary Clinton has to attempt to turn it into an event worthy of mockery.

For her efforts, right-leaning critics on X put her through the wringer.

First up, Dr. Richard Harambe points out that Clinton also has some things from her past that can be shared as a reminder. Like her awesome pre-2016 election birthday post.


Several other critics of Hillary noted that while she’s attempting to portray Trump as thick, she lost the election to that same man.

Others simply pointed out that Trump’s actions that day are viewed by his supporters as quintessential Trump. A man with the spirit of the old West. A man who takes your advice and says, ‘Yea, I’m going to do whatever the hell I want.’

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Here’s A Reminder For You

A quick perusal of further replies includes an assertion that staring at the sun isn’t as bad as skipping Wisconsin. And noting how sad it is that Hillary is clearly stuck in the past.

Still, others posted videos of Clinton trying to dab.

We’d also like to offer a reminder of the time Hillary Clinton had to be thrown headfirst into the back of a re-painted Mystery Machine like a slab of beef because she couldn’t stand up on her own.

Or that time she had trouble making her way down a set of stairs despite two men trying to hold her up.

Reminder: Buddy the Elf had a markedly easier time navigating an escalator on his first try, Hillary.

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