Hillary Clinton Guest-Edits Teen Vogue

Hillary Clinton picture book
Hillary Clinton, 2016 Democratic presidential nominee, smiles as balloons and confetti fall on stage during the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S., on Thursday, July 28, 2016. Division among Democrats has been overcome through speeches from two presidents, another first lady and a vice-president, who raised the stakes for their candidate by warning that her opponent posed an unprecedented threat to American diplomacy. Photographer: Daniel Acker/Bloomberg via Getty Images

How low can she go?

Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has it tough these days. Ever since her humiliating loss to Donald Trump one year ago, Hillary has been grasping for relevance, trying to find any reason to get back in the spotlight.

Just today, she tried to claim credit for Democrats winning big in state and local races across the country. Her faux victory lap was a poor exercise in trying to seem accomplished despite having done nothing to help most of the winning candidates.

Over a month ago, Hillary was spotted signing copies of her score-settling memoir in the dairy section of Costco. Can you just imagine that feeling? From being a stone’s throw away from the Oval Office to being relegated to selling your hate tract next to gallons of 2% milk.

And now, Hillary has reached a new low in her attention-hungry journey back to popularity. Check it out:

Oh, Hillary. Have you really fallen so far as to guest-edit a teen rag that instructs youngsters on how to best perform sodomy?

This is pathetic on so many levels, the first being that most teenagers aren’t able to vote. Right away, that’s waste time given the nature of politics.

Second, no self-respecting teenagers is taking cues on what’s cool and powerful from a grandma who passes out on mildly temperate days. America’s youth may be spoiled, self-obsessed, hard-headed, and vain, but they aren’t stupid. They know a mark when they see one.

The truth is, politically-savvy people aren’t looking to Hillary Clinton for advice or wisdom anymore. She blew it, and she blew it big time. She let Donald Trump stomp all over her, despite rigging the contest to gain every advantage possible. Hillary had the backing of the media, the Washington bureaucratic establishment, and plenty of high-ranking GOP officials. And she still couldn’t defeat Donald Trump.

Why in the world would anyone ever listen to her again?

Oh, right. Nobody does. Except non-voting teenagers apparently.

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