Hillary Clinton Says Trump Poses A ‘Clear and Present Danger’ To America

Failed 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said Thursday that President Donald Trump must lose in November because presented a “clear and present danger” to Americans’ freedoms.

Clinton was asked during an interview on MSNBC about former administration officials who have withdrawn their support for Trump, and replied, “I think if we can somehow get the message across that these men and they’re predominantly men, not exclusively, have served our country in peace and war. They have been in that situation room.”

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Hillary has used her ‘clear and present danger’ constantly – so does ‘present’ mean always?

Clinton said:

“They have been confronted with the kind of really difficult choices that a president or a national security adviser or joint chiefs of staff or defense secretary has to understand and then decide about and they’re worried about Donald Trump because as bad as Trump has been for the last three and a half years I don’t know what would happen to our country in terms of the danger to America, the danger to our economy, the danger to our interests around the world if he had no accountability staring him in the face at all.”

“So I think it’s important,” she added.

Clinton’s “clear and present danger” line is not new, proving that her idea of “present” actually means eternally.

Here’s her using it in 2017.

And back in June.


And again, back in 2019.


Clinton accuses Trump of coddling dictators

Clinton was also asked on Thursday about Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny reportedly being poisoning. The former secretary of state responded, “This is the kind of regime that Donald Trump supports, and this is the kind of leadership from an autocrat like Putin that he aspires to.”

“Every American should ask him or herself, you know, do you want a country where your president admires someone who kills, literally kills, his opposition?” Clinton posed. “Now, and we have heard nothing. We have heard nothing from Mike Pompeo. We have heard nothing from the White House.”

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“And it is a demonstration of the moral bankruptcy but also the clear and present danger that the Trump administration poses to our freedoms, to our values,” Clinton went on.

“I am really concerned that more people in our country are not understanding what has happened elsewhere in the world that Trump seems to admire,” Clinton said.

“What would stop him from going even further than he has if given the chance,” she finished.

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